spoons made for the

D E S I G N I N G   I N   W O O D

exhibition at 100% design south africa 2018

5 pairs of unique spoons, for salad or for simply serving anything, made for the ‘Designing in Wood’ exhibition at 100% Design South Africa 2018.

‘Designing in Wood’ is a feature curated by 100% Design South Africa’s Creative Director Cathy O’Clery and will showcase the craft and skills that go into creating wooden furniture and accessories, from a traditional woodturning technique like bodging to complicated joinery and new technologies.
100% design south africa

Simple, honest and organic in shape and material, these are handmade objects for your tabletop.  Made by me (Anne) in Cape Town, South Africa, with sustainability and good everyday, usable design in mind.  A product made to last and to grow more beautiful with time and use.

Made from African Walnut, they’ve been carved and finished with hand tools only.  The bowls have been carved with a hand chisel, the handles have been knife cut, and the backs of the bowls and hanging loops at the ends of the handles have been hand shaped and sanded smooth.  Oiled with food-safe oil and rubbed with beeswax salve, these spoons are ready to be used.

Available for purchase.  If you would love to own a pair, please get in touch.

before being oilled, with the wood still raw
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