product care

Wooden goods:

If looked after well, wooden goods are incredibly long lasting and become more beautiful with time and use, developing a lovely patina.

Hand wash your wooden spoon or board with mild soap and water, and towel and air dry thoroughly afterwards.  Don’t wash in a dishwasher.  Keep away from extreme heat.

Lightly oil the wood whenever it starts to look and feel dry.  Use a food safe oil and / or rub with beeswax salve.  Spread evenly over the whole surface, let it sink in, and wipe / buff off any excess with a soft cotton cloth.

Your board may be used for cutting or for serving.  Cutting with a sharp knife will leave marks on its surface, so, although this adds character over time, you may prefer to keep one side for cutting and the other for serving.

Goods With Brass / Copper Inlays

Brass and Copper develop a lovely patina over time, so, you may choose to let them do so, or you can polish the metal whenever it starts to look tarnished.  Use a good metal/ metal alloy cleaning cream.  Polish carefully using a soft cloth, taking care to avoid the wood.

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